About Pure Wafer

Pure Wafer is the largest U.S. based supplier of virgin silicon wafers, wafer reclaim services and specialty thin film deposition products. Through multiple acquisitions, Pure Wafer has become a consolidation of synergistic segments of the semiconductor supply chain that provides our clients with a comprehensive menu of product offerings. Pure Wafer focuses on creating efficiency for our customer base that includes most of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers.

Today it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a silicon solutions company with the ability to keep up with next generation technology nodes. Pure Wafer is building on its heritage to develop advanced wafer processing solutions by using ingenuity, investing in capability upgrades, and expanding capacity for all wafer diameter products. As a process owner, Pure Wafer works with valued customers to design and develop a process that delivers wafer products to the exact specifications and quality required by today's leading semiconductor companies.

With a broad product offering, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and unmatched technical expertise, Pure Wafer is committed to being your first choice for silicon wafers and services.

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