Wafer Delivery Systems

Pure Wafer supports storing unpurchased material at one or more of a customer's locations. Units of material are barcoded and can be scanned for purchase immediately when material is needed. Inventory parts use the customer's part number and description so that the correct material can be quickly located.

The wafer management system is a web based application accessed through a Pure Wafer provided computer and barcode scanner provided at no cost. Customers may use their own computer if desired or obtain administrative access to the provided computer in order to add it to their own domain for the duration of their participation in Pure Wafer's consignment system.

The Pure Wafer consignment system has many features to support different styles of implantation:
  • When scanning items for purchase, unit prices are clearly shown along with quantities, subtotals, sales tax, and the transaction total.
  • The system can support multiple locations for a given customer.
  • Customers can provide departments or cost centers and select them during purchase to divide spending into functional units.
  • The system supports a virtually unlimited number of individual part numbers.
  • Customers can create and maintain their own users and assign them specific rights within the system once the customer's administrative account has been established.
  • Various reports are available, from long term month to month purchases by part and department, to short term detail reports that show every item purchased in a user specified time frame.
  • Non-standard accounting calendars are supported. Reporting is based off of the customer's accounting months.
  • Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF, XML and other formats to support automated information processing in customer information systems.
  • Minimum and maximum values can be applied to inventory items (separately for each customer location) to support notification of low quantities resulting in fast replenishment.
Pure wafer consignment