Pure Wafer sells a wide range of specialty silicon parts to a global customer base. Pure Wafer ensures that proper packaging materials and carriers are used to reduce risk of damage during transport, and generates customized labels to accommodate all packaging needs.

Pure Wafer maintains a fleet of delivery vehicles to provide express delivery and pickup services to customers located in the Silicon Valley, while drivers and logistics staff will deliver direct to designated wafer storage areas and provide onsite wafer logistics as requested by key accounts. With over 22,000 square feet of climate controlled storage space, Pure Wafer has the storage capacity to stage customer owned materials and inventory.

The Pure Wafer goal is to provide a logistics program that fits the needs of all customers
Local Delivery
  • Local pickup and delivery in the Silicon Valley
Offsite Storage
  • Storage space for staging customer owned materials
Custom Packaging & labeling
  • Customize labels to customer specifications
  • Proper carriers and packaging materials for reduced risk of damage during transport
On Site Support
  • Onsite logistics support for wafer transport and stocking services
  • Restock customer storage areas for users of Wafer Management Systems