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Jul 20, 2021

Pure Wafer Announces 50 Percent Improvement in Production Cycle Times at Arizona and California Wafer Fabs

Cycle time improvements optimize wafer reclaim programs for semiconductor IDMs and OEMs 

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 21, 2021 -- Three years of continued investments in people, technology, and state of the art equipment at its Prescott, Arizona and San Jose, California plants have resulted in significant improvements in production cycle times says Pure Wafer, America’s number one supplier of silicon wafer reclaim products and services to the global semiconductor manufacturing industry. The results of this ongoing productivity initiative, announced today, enables Pure Wafer to help its customers, which includes semiconductor manufacturers and their OEM suppliers in the USA and overseas, optimize valuable silicon wafer reclaim programs used to monitor key semiconductor manufacturing processes and equipment.   

Silicon Wafer Reclaim

Semiconductor fabs, their OEMs and R&D groups depend on reclaimed silicon wafers to test and simulate manufacturing processes and equipment. Wafer reclaim reduces these program costs significantly while maintaining high product quality. As such, most IDMs and OEMs have sizable wafer reclaim programs.  Semiconductor chip manufacturing requires the highest of quality so the wafer reclaim process must match customers’ processes in quality and reliability.  That calls for the best production tools and systems from incoming inspection, cleaning and polishing, to testing and packaging. Over the past several years, Pure Wafer has made substantial investments in technology and equipment which have helped to establish it as the number one supplier of silicon wafer reclaim products in North America.  Pure Wafer currently operates two fabs, one in San Jose, CA and the other in Prescott, AZ where it deploys < 34nm, 37nm and > 55nm wafer reclaim process technologies. Pure Wafer provides the same wafer processing, cleaning, and films deposition, test and inspection equipment found in the world’s leading-edge semiconductor fabs. Today, Pure Wafer provides prime grade 300mm silicon wafers to support the number one logic maker in the world, the number one thin film deposition equipment company, the number one etch equipment company, the number one semiconductor materials supplier and the number one US foundry.

“We are extremely pleased to share the results from this productivity initiative, which reflects the major financial investments we have made in our people, processes and technology at our California and Arizona plants,” noted S. Mark Borowicz, CEO. Pure Wafer.  “Cycle time improvements of more than fifty percent are just part of the story that’s helped us to increase production and achieve industry leading response times for our customers.  Leveraging these enhancements to help our OEM and IDM customers, optimizes the management of valuable wafer reclaim programs ultimately reduces risk, costs and improves the total effectiveness of silicon wafer reclaim programs.”

About Pure Wafer

Founded in 1998, Pure Wafer is the leading supplier of silicon wafer reclaim and brokerage products and services to the global semiconductor industry. Wafer reclaim involves removing unwanted material from a silicon wafer using a combination of dry and wet processes, and then polishing and cleaning the wafer to restore the silicon surface to a usable prime grade.  For prime grade silicon wafer reclaim to be successful, wafers are put through a reconditioning process that meets prime grade silicon wafer specifications. All Pure Wafer reclaimed wafers exceed SEMI standards for prime grade wafers and are used for a wide number of process applications. Today, Pure Wafer collaborates with its OEM and IDM customers to design a process that delivers wafer products to the exact specifications and quality required by today's leading semiconductor companies. Pure Wafer also offers customers supplied wafers to replenish fallout from reclaim pools. For more information visit or email


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