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Jan 25, 2021 @ARIZONA

Pure Wafer Announces Clean Energy Initiative at Arizona Plant

100 Percent Clean Energy, Cleaner Chemistries, Processes Making Difference 

at AZ Based Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Plant

ARIZONA, JANUARY 25, 2021 -- Pure Wafer,a leader in silicon wafer manufacturing, thin film deposition and wafer reclaim services announced today a clean energy initiative that calls for it to be 100 percent clean energy powered by 2050, and increasing usage of new, cleaner chemistries throughout its wafer production process.  It also passed a significant milestone today reporting that its fab in Prescott is now 50 percent clean energy powered and is on-track to surpass its next milestone to be 65 percent clean energy powered by 2030.

Winning Public Private Partnership at Prescott, AZ Fab

Through its own clean technology manufacturing commitment and its work with organizations like the Arizona Public Service  Electric (APS), Pure Wafer is committed to using 100 percent clean energy, carbon free electricity by 2050.  It is working closely with its customers and employees to deliver that goal.  In addition, Pure Wafer has found a way to blend economics, and market-based technology innovation in its manufacturing to deliver silicon wafers in a way that improves product quality, while using cleaner energy. Through the use of cleaner chemistries in production it has also seen a reduction in emissions of harmful gases and a reduction in environmental waste.  Using higher quality materials with proprietary manufacturing process technology, including its innovative water recycling purification process, Pure Wafer has helped the company improve yield, reduce waste, and lessen the impact of manufacturing on the environment.

“We remain committed to clean energy programs and cleaner production processes that provide a pathway to a cleaner overall manufacturing environment,” commented S. Mark Borowicz, CEO, Pure Wafer. “I am pleased to report that our customers, employees, and shareholders are embracing these efforts, which have only just begun.”

Cleaner Chemistries, Higher Quality Products

Pure Wafer innovation involves using cleaner chemistries and more efficient production processes to make silicon wafers.  These wafers are then used by the world’s leading semiconductor chip manufacturing companies and their OEMs to manufacture a myriad of electronic devices for automotive, industrial, medical and consumer electronics applications.  In addition, Pure Wafer’s clean energy initiative is a team effort with the company adding new APS charging stations throughout its fab.  This has proven popular with all employees. These actions contribute significantly to an overall, innovative power generation strategy that will see the company rely exclusively on renewable energy. 

“Our community, our state and our families benefit greatly from these types of programs,”,” said Ardy Sidhwa, Vice President of Manufacturing, Pure Wafer. “By embracing alternative energy sources like solar and wind to power our manufacturing plant, we hope we are setting an example for other semiconductor manufacturers to champion. Through the use of cleaner chemistries, quality materials, efficient production processes,  and science-based practices Pure Wafer can foster a healthier environment for all.” 

Key program objectives include:

  • • 50% Clean Energy by 2021
  • • 65% Clean Energy by 2030
  • • 100% Clean Energy  by 2050

Pure Wafer is the largest U.S. based manufacturer of silicon wafers reclaim manufacturing. Operating two semiconductor fabs in Silicon Valley, California and Prescott, Arizona, Pure Water supplies prime grade silicon wafers, wafer reclaim, thin-film deposition solutions, wafer management software as a service, wafer brokerage and parts cleaning services to the global semiconductor manufacturing industry. 20 plus years of continued investment in advanced technology, matched by proprietary production processes have made it the trusted source for reliable prime grade wafers, high quality thin films, and wafer reclaim to the world’s leading OEMs and IDMs. With a broad product offering, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and unmatched technical expertise, Pure Wafer is committed to being the first choice for silicon wafers and services. For more information, visit


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