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Aug 12, 2020

Pure Wafer’s Announces, Largest Selection of Prime and Test Grade Silicon Wafers for Semiconductor Fabrication

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 Online store showcases more than 200 products including thin films and a large selection of semiconductor wafers from 50 mm to 450 m

SAN JOSE, Calif., August 13, 2020 -- Pure Wafer, America’s number one supplier of prime and test grade wafers, reclaimed semiconductor wafers and thin film deposition solutions announced today the opening of its new online store, provides semiconductor R&D engineers, semiconductor OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers with access to the widest range of test grade wafers used in equipment and fabrication testing as well as prime grade wafers used in semiconductor device manufacturing.  As the exclusive supplier of 300 MM thin films the world’s number one supplier of semiconductor thin film deposition equipment,  Pure Wafer also is making available online, a broad selection of high quality, commonly used films to choose from including  PECVD: SiO2, TEOS, SiN, a-Si, ARL, SiON, SiC, and HDP.  In addition, CVD and PVD Tungsten (W), PVD barrier layers, ECD (Co and Cu).

High quality, high reliability wafers

A single silicon wafer goes through hundreds of process steps before a finished wafer is completed resulting in semiconductors worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in value. This demands the  highest productivity, quality and yield standards.  Because of the high costs of producing prime silicon wafers, manufacturers rely on wafer specialists like Pure Wafer to help provide test and prime grade wafers, and films that support semiconductor manufacturing equipment testing and simulating of their models to fully optimize production processes.

Pure Wafer offers test and prime grade wafers from 50 mm to 450 mm. Test grade wafers are used in applications that need a larger quantity of wafers for equipment and fabrication testing.  Pure Wafer prime grade wafers are typically used for semiconductor device manufacturing. All wafers and film services meet the highest quality standards, These wafers exceed the standards of Semiconductor equipment and Materials International (SEMI).  Pure Wafer is the only company to offer a particle guarantee.  

“In the age of Covid-19,  R&D engineering groups want to limit supply chain risk, which is also critical to protecting jobs and the economy,” commented S.Mark Borowicz, CEO, Pure Wafer.  “Over the past few months the Board signed off on additional investments in capacity, expanded the films portfolio and we adjusted quickly to changing customer needs to now provide a multi-channel, digital approach to receiving silicon wafers and films services that help our customers mitigate risk in the supply chain.”

Through, Pure Wafer carries an extensive inventory of polished test and prime grade wafers from 50mm to 450mm wafers. Thanks to its exclusive agreement with world’s number one exceeding SEMI standards and Pure Wafer is the only company to offer a particle guarantee.  Films offering includes PECVD: SiO2, TEOS, SiN, a-Si, ARL, SiON, SiC, HDP, CVD , PVD Tungsten (W), PVD barrier layers, and ECD (Co and Cu).  To learn more about these options visit our full inventory of metals, dielectric, oxides and spin coatings at Need to customize your order please e-mail

About Pure Wafer, Inc.

Pure Wafer is the largest U.S. based supplier of virgin silicon wafers, wafer reclaim services and specialty thin film SiO2, SiN, CVD-Tungsten, PVD, PECVD, CVD, ECD, Oxidation, and photoresist deposition solutions to the global semiconductor industry. Through continued investment and innovation, Pure Wafer’s ability to keep up with next generation semiconductor manufacturing technology has established it as a trusted source for high quality, reliable films and wafer fabrication services. Pure Wafer is building on this foundation by expanding production capacity, films and parts cleaning services for all wafer diameters. As a process owner, and technology expert, Pure Wafer collaborates with its customers to design a process that delivers wafer products to the exact specifications and quality required by today's leading semiconductor equipment, and chip manufacturers. Visit

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