Pure Wafer performs fusion bonds on wafer substrates, where two wafers are bonded together to form a single substrate with a chemical reaction caused by extreme heat. The temperature of the bond has a direct impact on the strength of the bond; the higher the heat, the stronger the bond.

There are two types of fusion bonds Pure Wafer provides; direct wafer to wafer, and wafer on insulator. During the bonding process, moisture can cause air bubbles, which can be removed by introducing the insulator to the bonding process.

  • Device Layer Thickness Ranges

    > 300µm, 20 - 299µm, 2 - 19µm

  • Target Handle Layer Thickness Ranges

    SEMI Standard, > 300µm, 100 - 299µm

  • Diameter

    100 - 300mm

  • Device Layer Tolerance


  • Box Thickness Ranges

    0.1 - 0.9µm, 1 - 2µm